Armac Martin is a luxury brass hardware company, dedicated to creating beautiful brass fixtures and fittings for over 90 years. They believe in exceptional design and exquisite detail; in celebrating true craftsmanship and in the art of using the finest materials to form products that truly stand the test of time.

Dating back to 1400 B.C, brass has a rich history with the application of the material used to protect and decorate through the ages in equal measure. The material is timeless, luxurious and above all, the beauty of brass lies in the vast array of finishes that can transform each product which is why we are fascinated with its many qualities.

Founded in 1929 in Birmingham, England, by Harold McGrail, the local brass founder began Armac by manufacturing reproduction furniture fittings. Through the years, Harold led the business through some of the most challenging times including WW2, right through until his retirement in 1988 when his son Bryan then took over to lead the company.