Dead Flat

Farrow & Ball’s most matt finish with added toughness, take multi-surface Dead Flat® across your walls, woodwork and metal to surround yourself in signature Farrow & Ball colour. The new formulation is washable, wipeable and scuff resistant, making it ideal for hallways, living rooms and playrooms.

Packed with pigment for an extraordinary response to every kind of light. Farrow & Ball add generous helpings of rich pigment to create their signature look – deep colours with complex undertones. The same space that feels bright and airy in morning sun, can feel cosy and intimate by evening. Their teams design each shade under every kind of light, so it will be perfectly balanced in every setting.
Farrow & Ball spend months carefully crafting and testing each of their paint colours to make sure they share their signature extraordinary response to light. This beautiful reaction to changing light, like bringing out different undertones or shifting intensity, is what makes their paint so special.
From walls, floors and furniture to radiators, skirtings and sheds, their range of paint finishes can help you transform almost any surface in your home (and outside it, too).
Farrow & Ball are dedicated to perfecting the art of paint. At their home in Dorset, they combine the finest ingredients, 75 years of experience, and technical precision to assist you in creating beautiful spaces that stay beautiful. Even in their color-rich paints, less than 8% of the tin is the color. The other 92% is what creates the quality, depth, and extraordinary response to light that transforms your home. Paint is like coffee. The colour is the froth on the top, but it’s the quality of the rest of the cup that makes it taste good. – Richard Ball, Farrow & Ball Co-founder

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